Creating a
Canvas for Good

At SanMar, we believe a t-shirt is more than a shirt—it is a canvas for good. From supporting our communities and customers, to reducing our environmental impact, every decision we make is rooted in our commitment to creating positive change.

“We must be active, positive participants in the world. When we work with purpose we make our business a force for good.”

Jeremy Lott, President


We make t-shirts, that’s what we do. But it’s not why we do it. For us, it all comes back to people and the knowledge that the choices we make can positively impact lives.


SanMar is committed to being a steward of the environment, which starts by looking inward and identifying ways to minimize our footprint.


We strive to create products that make a difference, from how they are made to the materials we use.

Where We Source

We are proud to work with suppliers who are making a difference, whether investing in renewable energy, minimizing water use or supporting their communities.