Band Together: Logos and Imprints for a Cause

“We are the mullet. Business (and social good) in the front, party in the back.” This is how Band Together describes itself, an organization that brings their community together to raise money for local nonprofits, using live music and social gatherings. 

In 2001, a small group of people in the “Triangle” area (Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill, North Carolina) came together looking for a way to respond to the tragic events of September 11. They wanted to be agents of change; they wanted to take action for good. They also liked live music and wanted to get musicians involved. Thus, that small group of people founded Band Together, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that uses live music as a platform for social change.

Band Together puts on live shows that give local, up-and-coming talent an opportunity to showcase their music to a broader audience, alongside national and international acts. They have a main event each year, as well as smaller shows. They staff the events with volunteers who get a free ticket and food, (and, of course, a t-shirt,) as part of volunteering. And the shows are backed by corporate sponsors and a network of community members who work together to pull it all off. 

The business side of Band Together improves the community, supports volunteerism, offers leadership opportunities and a connection to local businesses. The party side of Band Together focuses on being social, supporting live music, making new connections, and making sure their community and volunteers all have fun. 

Since 2001, Band Together has raised over nine million dollars to support causes for good. Initially the funds went to support international tragedies. And now, Band Together selects one special nonprofit to partner with each year. Nonprofits have included food banks, the regional YMCA, Big Brothers Big Sisters, and local organizations focused on health, education, and family services. 

What do coordinating volunteers, publicizing events, and offering live music events all have in common? They all have a need for t-shirts. And SanMar is privileged and proud to call Band Together one of our customers. With SanMar, Band Together can feel good about the responsible sourcing of apparel that’s used for their event t-shirts. And we at SanMar feel good about the ways our shirts are being used—taking on logos and imprints that represent the strength of communities and the fun of joining together to support worthy causes. Like Band Together, SanMar believes that business should support social good. And it doesn’t hurt to have fun while doing so.


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